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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Vocopedia V-1.1.1

Vocopedia v1.1.1

This is the first update after publishing Vocopedia in the market (update available in market).
If You like my app please spread the word, tweet it or share the link on facebook. It will be highly appreciated.

Here are the changes that have been done in Vocopedia.

Change log:
1.    Added support for small screens i.e. QVGA resolution. The app uses multi-apk feature and differs from the main app in certain features elaborated as below.
--The starting screen does not have a quit button.
--The clues and score will not be visible on the screen in Hangman.

--you can view score and clue by pressing menu and selecting the appropriate option.

--Rest all features are same as the larger screens.

If normal to large screen users want their app similar to the small screen please comment below or mail me your suggestions.

2.    The deck lists now show labels indicating starting and ending words’ initials.
 E.g. if one deck starts with abase and ends with say alliteration. The deck label will show “(ab - al)” so that you can choose according to your word requirement.

3.    The Flashcard session will allow you to reset your deck to beginning. It will also unshuffle your deck if you have shuffled it.

4.    A better and more efficient shuffle algorithm has been implemented.

5.   A feedback button has been added on the starting screen. You can access it by pressing menu and select feedback. A list will be generated select any email client like Gmail app and mail me your complaints, suggestions, and any queries you have through this button. 

6. Added app2sd feature for android 2.2+ phones.

7.    This app collects anonymous usage information for the purpose of improving the software. No personally identifiable information is collected.


Please reply to the following questions by commenting below or by email to akdroid1991@gmail.com

1.    Would you like an online dictionary feature to look up words not in the database?
2.    Would you like a pronunciations feature?
3.    Would you like to have bookmarks?
4.    Would you pay for an ad-free version?

Please do reply and help me make Vocopedia more user-friendly and useful.

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