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Monday, 28 November 2011

Vocopedia v1.5

Vocopedia has been updated to v1.5 after a very long time and has some major changes that will be listed below.Also a paid version of app will be soon coming up as well .

If you don't have vocopedia for your android phone,you can download it from the market using the following link:

 and also on

Change log:

1.Favorites/Bookmarks: A major change in vocopedia is the inclusion of Favorites.Favorites is a separate word list which the user has the liberty to choose just like bookmarks.Favorites will appear as separate deck in the deck list.Ideally these words are the words you want out for a quick reference i.e important words to remember as per your requirement.To add/remove a word as a favorite just tap on the star icon available in flashcard and word browser selection.A yellow star indicates word is in favorite list while a grey star indicates the word does not belong to favorite list.

**The favorites  won't appear in the deck-list as long as a word is added as favorite and deck chooser is closed after that.  

2.The flashcard sessions except the Favorites,surprise and shuffled ones will be remembered i.e your progress in flashcard session will be remembered except for the ones given above.

The above two things require the external storage permission.

3.Now you can see your high-scores in hangman by pressing menu in hangman

4.For small screens, clue can also be viewed by tapping on the question.

5.Added text to speech support in hangman.

6.Added preferences.
     --a)enable/disable Text-to-Speech
     --b)enable/disable Auto-Pronounce
     --c)Change Keyboard in Hangman between Qwerty or Abcdef 
     --d)Clear the Favorites List

**For auto -pronounce to work text to speech must be enabled.
7. Auto-Pronounce:
      In flashcards session,if auto-pronounce is on pressing show button or tapping on screen will result in pronunciation of the word name and meaning to start on its own.Text to speech should also be enabled.This feature is disabled by default.

8.You can rate the app in android market from the menu in the starting page.

9.You can also share the app on Facebook, Twitter or any other medium from the starting page.Please consider to share this app if you like it and rate it in the android market.

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